Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend arts picks: May 27-June 1

Ed Asner as the‭ ‬32nd president of the United States.

Theater:‭ ‬Ed Asner as Franklin Delano Roosevelt.‭ ‬It is one liberal icon playing another liberal icon in the one-man show FDR,‭ ‬opening a brief five-day run at the Caldwell Theatre in Boca Raton beginning Wednesday evening.‭ ‬The play,‭ ‬written by Roosevelt scholar Dore Schary‭ (‬Sunrise at Campobello‭)‬,‭ ‬looks at the public man who presided over the country during the Great Depression and World War II.‭ ‬To Asner,‭ ‬a seven-time Emmy winner,‭ ‬playing Roosevelt is more of a political mission than an artistic one,‭ ‬reminding the nation of the positive,‭ ‬lasting effects of government as a nurturer of social programs and the man who initiated them.‭ ‬At‭ ‬81,‭ ‬Asner insists he is a better actor than he ever has been and the critical response from other cities where FDR has played suggests he may be right.‭ ‬Through June‭ ‬5.‭ ‬Call‭ ‬(561‭) ‬241-7432‭ ‬for tickets.

Lubna Azabal in Incendies.

Film:‭ ‬Foreign language Oscar nominees get distribution around the country eventually,‭ ‬and South Florida at last gets to see the superb French-Canadian film‭ ‬Incendies‭ (‬Scorched‭)‬.‭ ‬It begins with the dying request of a mother to her twin grown children to travel from Montreal to the Middle East to discover their roots‭ ‬--‭ ‬to find their real father and to meet the brother they never knew they had.‭ ‬Written and directed by Denis Villeneuve,‭ ‬it is a tale of identity,‭ ‬a story of the ongoing conflict over there and a saga of love and hatred,‭ ‬exquisitely and painfully rendered.‭ ‬At area theaters beginning today.

The New Gardens Band.

Music:‭ ‬On Sunday,‭ ‬PBS will broadcast its annual Memorial Day concert from the National Mall in Washington,‭ ‬D.C.,‭ ‬with the National Symphony,‭ ‬the various armed forces musical groups‭ ‬and big TV stars such as Gary Sinise‭ (‬CSI:‭ ‬New York‭) ‬and Joe Mantegna‭ (‬Criminal Minds‭)‬.‭ ‬But the tradition of concerts on Memorial Day weekend continues here with the New Gardens Band on Saturday.‭ ‬Owen Seward leads his community band in a patriotic program‭ ‬called‭ ‬Remembering America‭’‬s Fallen at the Eissey Campus Theatre at Palm Beach State College in Palm Beach Gardens.‭ ‬Tickets are‭ ‬$15‭ ‬for the‭ ‬3‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬concert,‭ ‬and‭ ‬$20‭ ‬at‭ ‬8‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬It‭’‬s a tribute to the men and women in the U.S.‭ ‬military,‭ ‬who truth be told have one of the toughest,‭ ‬most important jobs anyone could have,‭ ‬and it‭’‬s worth noting that on this long weekend.‭ ‬For more information,‭ ‬call‭ ‬207-5900.

Lily Ojea in For Such a Time as This.

Dance:‭ ‬Florida Classical Ballet Theatre heads to Cuba this August for four performances of its ballet‭ ‬For Such a Time as This:‭ ‬The Queen Esther Story.‭ ‬This ballet,‭ ‬choreographed by FCBT founder Colleen Smith to music by Grieg,‭ ‬tells the Purim story of the queen who saved the Jews from the evil Persian Empire.‭ ‬But you can see the ballet twice today in Palm Beach Gardens,‭ ‬as the company presents this ballet and two others including‭ ‬Fish Tales,‭ ‬a retitling of a charming seaside ballet set by Smith to incidental music by Mozart.‭ ‬Performances are set for‭ ‬1‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬and‭ ‬7:30‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬today at the Eissey Campus Theatre in Palm Beach Gardens.‭ ‬Tickets range from‭ ‬$22-$32.‭ ‬Call‭ ‬207-5900‭ ‬or visit‭ ‬

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