Friday, December 24, 2010

Weekend arts picks: Dec. 24-26

Colin Firth in The King’s Speech.‭ ‬

Film:‭ ‬With meticulous attention to period details and an engrossing history-based story that humanizes the struggle of a British king like no movie before it,‭ ‬The King’s Speech is great,‭ ‬albeit old-fashioned,‭ ‬filmmaking.‭ ‬Colin Firth stars as Bertie,‭ ‬a/k/a Prince Albert‭ (‬Colin Firth‭)‬,‭ ‬who unexpectedly becomes King George VI as World War II looms,‭ ‬due to his older brother’s abdication over his love of divorcee Wallis Simpson.‭ ‬But the king has a secret stammer,‭ ‬made worse by the thought of public speaking.‭ ‬His struggle to overcome it,‭ ‬aided by an impudent John commoner and unorthodox speech therapist‭ (‬Geoffrey Rush‭)‬,‭ ‬forms the heart of the film.‭ ‬Directed crisply by Tom Hooper,‭ ‬whose best work previously was the impressive Adams mini-series.‭ ‬Opening locally this weekend. -- H. Erstein

Chris Oden and Dennis Creaghan in Freud’s Last Session.

Theater:‭ ‬Two towering minds of the‭ ‬20th century‭ ‬--‭ ‬Sigmund Freud,‭ ‬the father of psychoanalysis and a staunch atheist,‭ ‬and C.S.‭ ‬Lewis,‭ ‬a fervent convert to Christianity who would become a religious philosopher and author‭ ‬--‭ ‬meet at Freud’s London consulting room as England is drawn into World War II,‭ ‬and they debate the existence of God,‭ ‬the nature of good and evil and the very meaning of life in Mark St.‭ ‬Germain’s two-character play,‭ ‬Freud’s Last Session.‭ ‬That’s it,‭ ‬virtually no plot,‭ ‬no action,‭ ‬but since the essence of theater is words and ideas,‭ ‬the conversation is enough to grip us over the evening’s brief,‭ ‬but densely packed‭ ‬70‭ ‬minutes.‭ ‬Dennis Creaghan disappears completely into the role of Freud,‭ ‬aided by a snowy beard and a Viennese accent,‭ ‬and Chris Oden is his reverent,‭ ‬but verbally combative foil Lewis.‭ ‬Continuing through Feb.‭ ‬6.‭ ‬Call‭ (‬561‭) ‬514-4042‭ ‬for tickets.‭ -- H. Erstein


Music:‭ ‬Most of the music world is taking a breather for the holiday,‭ ‬but there are still some shows around over the weekend if you travel‭ ‬a little.‭ ‬On Sunday night at Fort Lauderdale’s Revolution Live,‭ ‬it’s a show by VersaEmerge,‭ ‬a trio from Port St.‭ ‬Lucie.‭ ‬Led by big-voiced singer Sierra Kusterbeck,‭ ‬the group has a new album,‭ ‬Fixed at Zero,‭ ‬and is on a national tour with bands such as I See Stars and Black Veil Brides.‭ ‬6:30‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬Tickets:‭ ‬$19.30,‭ ‬available through Ticketmaster‭ ‬at‭ ‬1-800-745-3000‭ ‬or‭ ‬‭ ‬

Karrie Griffiths.

Flutist Karrie Griffiths currently plays in the Fort Lauderdale-based Symphony of the Americas,‭ ‬but she also is the founder of Music in Miami,‭ ‬a chamber music series.‭ ‬This Sunday at Miami’s Trinity Cathedral,‭ ‬Griffiths is joined by violist Modesto Marcano,‭ ‬oboist Marco Navarette,‭ ‬pianist Maria Menendez and classical guitarist Miguel Bonachea for a program of music by Beethoven‭ (‬Serenade in D,‭ ‬op.‭ ‬25‭)‬,‭ ‬Ravel‭ (‬Habanera‭)‬,‭ ‬Ibert‭ (‬Escales‭)‬,‭ ‬and Holst‭ (‬Terzett0‭)‬.‭ ‬Also on the program are pieces by Agustin Barrios,‭ ‬Antonio Lauro and Jose Manuel Lezcano.‭ ‬6‭ ‬p.m.,‭ ‬Trinity Cathedral.‭ ‬Free admission,‭ ‬but donations accepted.‭ ‬Call‭ ‬954-309-2424‭ ‬or visit‭ ‬ for more information.

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