Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend arts picks: Sept. 18-20

Emma Stone in Easy A.

Film:‭ ‬When Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote‭ ‬The Scarlet Letter,‭ ‬he never imagined it would become the inspiration for a high school comedy such as‭ ‬Easy A,‭ ‬but screenwriter Bert V.‭ ‬Royal plants his tongue firmly in cheek and comes up with a wise,‭ ‬wise-assed morality tale set at Ojai‭ (‬Calif.‭) ‬High,‭ ‬about a misfit named Olive who lies about losing her virginity and gets swept up in a new-found wave of popularity.‭ ‬As Olive,‭ ‬winsome Emma Stone will remind you of a younger Lindsay Lohan,‭ ‬but sober.‭ ‬Stealing every scene‭ ‬that they are in are Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson as Olive‭’‬s very hip parents.‭ ‬Yes,‭ ‬I know you are not in the habit of going to teen comedies,‭ ‬but this is one of the best-written and performed examples of the genre since‭ ‬Juno.‭ ‬– H.‭ ‬Erstein‭ 

Theater:‭ ‬Zoetic Stage,‭ ‬the fledgling Miami company,‭ ‬is fishing for funds to support its inaugural season and has scheduled a staged reading event for this Monday,‭ ‬Sept.‭ ‬20,‭ ‬at Boca Raton‭’‬s Caldwell Theatre,‭ ‬beginning at‭ ‬7‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬On tap is the award-winning comedy‭ ‬37‭ ‬Postcards by the troupe‭’‬s resident playwright,‭ ‬Michael McKeever,‭ ‬a family reunion play tinged with absurdism about a young man‭’‬s return home from traveling abroad,‭ ‬only to find his home and clan in disarray.‭ ‬Performing the script will be such South Florida favorites as John Felix,‭ ‬Nick Duckart,‭ ‬Barbara Bradshaw,‭ ‬Beth Dimon,‭ ‬Katherine Amadeo and Ellen Davis.‭ ‬The suggested donation is‭ ‬$20.‭ ‬For reservations,‭ ‬call‭ (‬305‭) ‬741-3180,‭ ‬or go to‭‭ ‬– H.‭ ‬Erstein

Yoko Sata Kothari,‭ ‬from her Website.‭

Music:‭ ‬The classical music season in Palm Beach County gets under way this weekend with the first concert in the‭ ‬23rd season of performances at St.‭ ‬Paul‭’‬s Episcopal in Delray Beach on Sunday afternoon.‭ ‬Up first in the series‭ ‬– which will include appearances by the church‭’‬s own Camerata del Re in music from the French and German Baroque traditions,‭ ‬as well as Paris-based Fuoco e Cenere in early music from Italy‭ ‬– is‭ ‬the Trillium Piano Trio.‭ ‬Pianist Yoko‭ ‬Sata Kothari,‭ ‬violinist Ruby Berlund and cellist Benjamin Salsbury will perform the Trio in C of Gaspar Cassado,‭ ‬the Trio No.‭ ‬3‭ (‬in G minor,‭ ‬Op.‭ ‬110‭) ‬of Robert Schumann,‭ ‬and a rarity,‭ ‬the‭ ‬Trio quasi una ballata‭ (‬in D minor,‭ ‬Op.‭ ‬27‭) ‬by the Czech composer Vitezslav Novak‭ (‬1870-1949‭)‬.‭ ‬Novak‭’‬s trio,‭ ‬written in‭ ‬1902,‭ ‬is considered one of the most important piano trios in Czech music,‭ ‬but it‭’‬s almost never heard in this country,‭ ‬and so this‭ ‬concert offers listeners a good way to get acquainted with an important‭ ‬but overlooked master.‭ ‬The concert begins at‭ ‬4‭ ‬p.m.,‭ ‬and tickets are‭ ‬$15-$18.‭ ‬Call‭ ‬278-6003‭ ‬for more information,‭ ‬or visit‭ ‬‭

Sofiya Uryvayeva.

That same afternoon,‭ ‬the young Ukrainian-born pianist Sofiya Uryvayeva makes a return visit to the Steinway Gallery in Boca Raton for an all-Tchaikovsky program.‭ ‬Uryvayeva will play the Russian composer‭’‬s‭ ‬Dumka‭ (‬Op.‭ ‬59‭)‬,‭ ‬selections from his popular suite‭ ‬The Seasons‭ (‬Op.‭ ‬37a‭)‬,‭ ‬and a Mikhail Pletnev arrangement of music from‭ ‬The Nutcracker.‭ ‬Uryvayeva moved to the United States in‭ ‬2009‭ ‬after studies in Odessa and Germany,‭ ‬and‭ ‬began concertizing here right away‭; ‬you can hear some of her performances on her Website,‭ ‬including one of the‭ ‬Grand Pas de Deux‭ ‬from the‭ ‬Nutcracker.‭ ‬The concert begins at‭ ‬5‭ ‬p.m.‭ ‬Sunday‭; ‬tickets are‭ ‬$20‭ ‬in advance,‭ ‬and‭ ‬$25‭ ‬at the door.‭ ‬For more information,‭ ‬call‭ ‬561-929-6633‭ ‬or visit‭ ‬

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