Monday, September 7, 2009

ArtsBuzz: ArtsPaper launching new, expanded site

The top of the new ArtsPaper page.

Palm Beach ArtsPaper began with a simple conversation among critic colleagues in November 2008, and since then the ArtsPaper team has posted 350 reviews, interviews, features and weekend tips packages. We've also published eight print editions of the highlights of this blog, editions that reach more than 10,000 readers a month.

Now we're moving into the next phase of our development, migrating to a magazine-style Website in which all the topic areas can be seen at a glance: art, books, dance, film, music, theater, weekend picks, and the ArtsPaper Interview. The new site -- -- also contains a robust arts calendar for the upcoming months, plus a PDF version of our print magazine.

We've just started moving the archive over to the new site, and both the new and this current site will remain up in tandem for a couple months until the whole archive can be moved over. When the move is complete, both and will direct to the same site, so you can use either one and reach our content.

In the interim, each new post will be posted twice, once on each site. We'll also be adding more features to the new site -- advertising information, for example -- in the very near future.

Please check out the new site at, and let us know what you think. You can write to, more formally at, or simply comment on one of the articles. We're grateful to Web designer Andrew Peeling for making the new site happen and making it look good.

We've been honored and delighted by the support we've received over the past nine months as we've gone out and covered the local arts scene, and we're looking forward to our first full season with great anticipation. Heartfelt thanks to one and all.

-- Greg Stepanich

The bottom of the new ArtsPaper page.

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