Friday, April 24, 2009

ArtsBuzz: Four emerging artists featured at Armory

A ceramic sculpture by Bethany Krull.

By Katie Deits

Every year the Armory Art Center hosts resident artists who use the studios to develop and expand their work, as well as teach classes to the Armory’s students.

This year, the Armory welcomes four outstanding artists whose work is diverse and cutting-edge contemporary. The show -- Emergence: The Resident Artist Exhibition -- which opens this evening and runs through May 15, will include sculptural and functional work by two ceramic residents (Bethany Krull and Daniel Ricardo Teran), and sculptural and figurative work by two sculpture residents (Misty Gamble and Jesse Walp).

Ceramics resident Bethany Krull.
(Photo by Katie Deits)

Working in both porcelain and bronze, Bethany Krull creates intricate sculptures that reveal her reverence for, and fascination with, the complexity and diversity of nature. Stemming from her belief that our society is becoming increasingly disconnected from nature, her work aims to raise questions regarding our own species' ideas of nature, and how these ideas intersect when viewed in the contexts of science, art, and religion.

Manifestations of Nature is an installation of her extensive collection of natural objects that in Krull’s words “can be seen as the embodiment of all three of these realms.” These objects will be on display along with her current body of sculpture which aims to present nature as an entity to be worshipped.

Ceramicist Daniel Ricardo Teran.
(Photo by Katie Deits)

Daniel Ricardo Teran is an artist currently working and living in West Palm Beach. His aim, as a maker, is to create functional pots that allow the viewer to slow down, stop, and enjoy the many idiosyncrasies and issues raised by every work he creates.

He draws images on his vessels that weave stories and present commentary, and are well worth contemplating.

Sculptor Misty Gamble contemplates one of her creations.

Misty Gamble creates work inspired by the human figure and its infinite capacity for communication.

Gamble’s current work of large ceramic figurative sculptures focuses attention on issues surrounding femininity and set standards of normalcy, propriety and societal expectation, while at the same time challenging conventional standards of beauty. Gamble teaches at the Kansas City Art Institute and exhibits nationally.

Jesse Walp with one of his pieces.
(Photo by Katie Deits)

Jesse Walp explores the concept of freedom in his art. Referencing historical means of control and humiliation, he creates work that resonates with social concern, irony, and traces of humor.

His current work of life-size figures accompanied by medieval bronze weapons and restraints suggests a dialogue about power and revolution.

Don’t miss the chance to see this exhibition and meet these emerging and dedicated artists that are sure to make their marks on the art world. It’s also an opportunity to buy their work, building your art collection while supporting the artists in residence program at the Armory Art Center.

Emergence: The Resident Artist Exhibition opens from 6 pm-9 pm today, and runs through May 15. There will be an artists’ lecture at 7:30 pm Tuesday. The Armory Art Center is located at1700 Parker Ave. in West Palm Beach. For more information, visit, or call 832-1776.

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