Thursday, January 15, 2009

ArtsBuzz: Palmbeach3 whets appetite for contemporary art

The ubiquitous Bruce Helander,
with his orange-hat trademark,
his daughter Camila
Helander (left),
and publicist Elaine Meier.
(Photos by Katie Deits)

By Katie Deits

With the opening of the palmbeach3 contemporary art fair Wednesday night, airwaves and e-waves are abuzz with what’s new, who’s who (and who was seen with whom).

The fair, the largest annual contemporary art fair in Palm Beach County, offers an opportunity to see cutting-edge contemporary art as well as work by artists who are now of historical significance. One can see pieces that, since they have been in private collections, have been hidden away from public view, and if sold to another collector, may not be seen again for a while.

It’s also an opportunity for would-be buyers and just-looking observers to talk to dealers and artists and to learn more about the “what’s and why’s” of the art on display. Dealers and artists like talking about their art. And, of course, there’s the chance that you may fall in love and just have to buy that special piece for your collection.

Photographer Roberto Edwards,
represented by Holden Luntz Gallery in Palm Beach,
with two of his photos exhibited in the fair.

Consider attending the lectures, as internationally renowned experts participate and share their knowledge. Kicking off the series at 1 p.m. Thursday will be photographer Roberto Edwards, who is featured by Worth Avenue’s Holden Luntz Gallery. Fashion photographer Cathleen Naundorf also will be at the gallery’s booth for a talk.

At Gallery Biba's booth, we found sculptor James Sagui,
who sculpted this table,
chair, the painted cup
and the book from wood.

The lecture series is on the fair’s Web site; here are a few of the lectures that I plan to attend:

3 p.m. Thursday: Norton Museum’s Charles Stainback (William and Sarah Ross Soter curator of photography) will participate in a panel discussion on building a collection. The lecture will be moderated by Diana Edkins, director of exhibitions and limited-edition photographs from New York's Aperture Foundation.

11:30 a.m. Saturday: A panel discussion called Different Perspectives on Collecting Photography will include Marvin Mordes, a local collector of contemporary art.

Helga Wagner and her husband, artist Helmut Koller,
with Picasso and His Blue-Period Couple, a sculpture by
Palm Beach artist Robert St. Croix, at the Gallery Biba booth.

Jonathan Stein holds Mini, a miniature sculpture of himself,
at the Gallery Biba booth. Next to him are cakes with portraits of famous people,
titled Everyone Wants a Piece of Me.

Donna Schneier of Donna Schneier Fine Arts
stands next to a ceramic piece by Rudy Autio.

In addition to being fond of photography, I am passionate about ceramics. Donna Schneier Fine Arts is exhibiting works by many of the legends in the field of ceramics and glass.

Schneier is somewhat of a legend herself, mentioned last year in the Art & Antiques article 100 Top Collectors Who Are Making a Difference. Her booth can be found at the middle of the south wall of the convention center.

Stuart artist Rick Eggert is featured
in the Thomas R. Riley Galleries.
He creates interesting relationship groups
in blown glass.

Painter and photographer Maria Karki
takes a break in the Aperture booth with her visiting friend,
internationally renowned performance artist and painter Robert Janz.

Kathryn Fox-Winokur (left) and Alicia Deya (right),
both contemporary sculptors, pose before a Robert St. Croix sculpture
with British expatriate and art lover Julian Harrison.

palmbeach3 contemporary art fair is a four-day event open to the public from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets range from $15 for a one-day pass to $30 for a multi-day pass with catalog, and tickets for students ages 12 to 18 years old are $10.

For more information, visit, or call 209-1308.

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